Phoenix in JUNE

Published on 6 July 2023 at 16:09

Have you ever booked a hotel on a good deal and wondered why it was so cheap? Well Courtney and I figured out why hotels in Phoenix are cheap in June. Traveling to the desert in the off-season shouldn't be taken likely but it doesn't mean you can't have fun. Plus it will be much cheaper than most summer vacation spots!

The Sonoran Desert often hits 110° F during the summer making it a very toasty destination. Courtney and I booked a hotel in Phoenix Arizona for cheap not realizing that the reason it was cheap was due to the high tempertures during summer. While we definitely sweated a lot and got a couple sunburns it turned out to be an awesome trip on a low budget.


We stayed at a Hilton Hotel for 2 nights at a super reasonable price. On top of that we were able to avoid crowds at the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden and we enjoyed swimming at one of the many local water parks.


The Desert Botanical Garden is home to many desert plant species that you have probably never seen before. They have tons of different kinds of Cacti, Aloe, and Agave plants growing in stunning harmony throughout the Garden. The Garden has several different trails you can walk that each provide different views of Desert landscapes. One trail takes you through the different deserts in the western United States and shows you plants that Hummingbirds and Bees pollunate. Another garden is a sample of the local Sonoran Desert, while another educates you on the native people of the Sonoran Desert and shows how they used the plants to survive. It is a really fun and unique experience that is worth the visit. However, if you are traveling in summer like we did it will be hot. Thankfully the Garden has drinking fountains available all over to let you refill your water bottle and rehydrate.


We also spent half of our day at the Sunsplash Water Park in Mesa which was a great choice for a summer trip to the desert. Sunsplash had everything from a wave pool and a lazy river to thrilling water slides. It was really nice to spend an afternoon cooling off and getting a thrill in here. Be aware though that the ground is basically lava during this time of year so if you want to keep the bottom of your feet intact you'll need some sort of water shoe to walk around in. Most of the slides at this park allow you to wear your shoes on the ride which is extremely nice.


Courtney and I wanted to experience a new food together while we were there because we don't have a lot of diverse food options at home. We decided to stop at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant called Un- PHO- gettable. This place was great! But I will say we probably embarrassed ourselves because we had no idea how we were supposted to eat Pho. After watching some of the other restaurant goers and a little bit of trial and error I think we figured out how to use the spoon and chop stick combination but it took us a minute. It was a great experience, it is always fun to try new foods!


Overall, even due to the high temperatures, we highly recommend a trip to Arizona during the summer. Not only will you get some sweet discounts, you'll also be able to enjoy smaller crowds!

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